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tachikoma valentines


Verizon Northeast Router Failure

Our household switched over to FiOS® some while ago, for both TV and Internet.  The router hung a few times early on, but that was rare, and despite the lack of certain functionality (why does it answer BOOTP without being able to configure clients?) the Actiontec MI424-WR has been pretty nice.  (Hint: enable administration over port 992, apt-get install telnet-ssl, and you can dive right into the system internals, including a BusyBox shell environment.  The vendor has GPL-mandated sources reasonably accessible; unfortunately the management bits are tucked away inside a monolithic OpenRG binary.)

Today held the first real disappointment in their service for me.  Some major peering node went down, and bam half the Internet is inaccessible for over an hour, and horribly slow thereafter.  I’m still unable to create a stable connection to my corporate VPN even now.

Not that it explains my ¾years-long absence, but even a bad excuse is a good excuse to start back up again, isn’t it?