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What kind of a first-world country relies on overhead power lines?

One year ago, Storm Leaves Northeast Buried in Snow:

A pre-winter blend of snow, sleet and freezing rain cut visibility and iced over highways from the Great Lakes to New England, dumping up to a foot-and-a-half of snow, stranding air and road travelers and causing an airliner to skid off a runway.

The storm knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses Sunday, including 137,000 in Pennsylvania, at least 10,000 in northern New England and 20,000 in eastern Canada, authorities reported.

I’d take snow over ice any day, though.  This past week, Ice storm cripples north-east US:

As many as 1m people have been left without power in the north-eastern US after one of the worst ice storms in a decade crippled the electricity grid.

States of emergency have been declared in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and in parts of Maine and New York state.

About 1.4 million homes and businesses across the four affected states were left without electricity on Friday morning after a widespread overnight ice storm coated power lines, pylons and trees.

<title/> is an overheard line from a conversation between people forced to temporarily relocate due to the icy storm.

I’ve actually returned home just now; power has finally been restored to my neighborhood (although reports are warning that as the ice melts, trees snapping back to their original positions could cause further outages).  Our house’s heat and running water relies on electricity, so my family grabbed our stuff and escaped to a hotel in Waltham.  Boston and its nearby surroundings were lucky enough to escape most of the damage.  Not so much for other population centers like Worchester, Fitchburg, and Lowell, nor the little town where we live.

At least we’re not in New Hampshire.  Their power grid might not be back in service until Thursday or Friday – one whole week later.



What kind of a first-world country relies on overhead power lines?

I'd say most. Digging down power lines is expensive. Even small countries like Holland transport power over overhead lines!